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How I went from a sought-after personal stylist to helping thousands of women claim their mid-life mojo

While my high-powered days on the fashion front-line saw me working one-on-one with clients and jetting off to New York as a fashion buyer, I've always known I'm not a fashionista. 

For  many years I wrote weekly Fashion 911 Q&A columns for newspapers across the country, and did weekly Fashion 911 television segments. I authored my first best-selling book Fashion 911 - Your Runway to Reality and was regularly quoted in newspapers and magazines. 

WTN aired a 30 minute feature about me on Bella Style.

I taught Retail Fashion Consulting at the college level and trained personal shoppers for major department stores.

One of the highlights of my long career was being honored with the Global Television/YWCA Woman of Vision award.

Over the years, I've developed a reputation as a Fashion Therapist.

I worked in the fashion industry for over 25 years. As a personal stylist often when women would come to shop with me, I understood that they were looking not only for a new outfit, but often what they really wanted is to update their life, too. 

As we chatted about what to wear we came to understand we all have similar slice-of-life experiences. We discovered our stories are the fabric of our life. Some days we wear silk, some days we wear burlap. I encouraged women to make their dreams real and understand that their beauty comes from being strong, stylish and confident.

I became known as a Fashion Therapist to many of my clients, because you can't really separate look from life. I've seen first-hand the healing power of style and how it can help a woman say hello to the world with a little more confidence each day. 

I realized I had to take the styling formula I'd perfected with my one-on-one clients and turn it into a course that I could put directly into your hands.

Just like me, most women have no aspiration to be a fashion icon. They want to get it right in the morning and then get on with their day feeling great about how they look. I provided runway to reality advice for real women. A stylish session with me commanded a big price tag.

I wanted to use my super power and skills to empower all women. 



I'm able to do this, because I teach what I know.

I've had a lot of clothes encounters of the closet kind with thousands of women.


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