Wear Your Life Well: A Mantra for 2020

love your life Aug 12, 2020

Amanda confided "I haven't felt *pretty* since the lockdown, I'm losing my mojo and my stay-at-home-style is schlumpy."

Catherine is currently doing a closet edit. She's bemoaned the fact that she can't remember the last time she got dressed up to step out on the town in one of her favorite outfits.

Carly quipped she no longer knows the difference between awake clothes and sleep clothes and asked me if putting a cardigan on top of your PJ bottoms is considered dressing up?

COVID:  Life + Style = Sucks.

After months of self-isolation, social distancing and flattening the curve comes complacency and a yearning for normalcy. It's hard not to not feel lockdown fatigue. 

I get it.

I set aside my big goals for 2020. I stopped writing to you a few months ago because I felt my tone was getting dour. I didn't launch my signature program  Midlife Makeover for the Spring season because it didn't feel right to talk about how to put together your look when the world is falling apart.

I've learned this year that while I can take strident steps toward my goals, I can't tell the world what schedule to be on. I've also decided not to let quarantine distance me from my dreams. 

I'm not gong to write about anything related to the *C* word anymore.

I want to feel better now. I know you do too.

Damn the future. Seriously, it's time to get the *pretty* back today.

Wear Your Life Well needs to become our mantra for 2020 and going forward.
(I wrote a best-selling book by the same name a few years ago.)

I want my *pretty* back.

My post-pandemic hair cut and color looks fabulous (if I say so myself). I'm doing my nails again. I got some great new eye glass frames (complete with progressive lenses). I even bought the perfect lipstick (which was sort of silly because I mask up when I go out, so I haven't worn it yet.)

I got a fabulous new Coach handbag at 70% off. The annual Nordstrom sale (my favorite of them all) is coming up and I suspect I'll buy a few pieces of  beautifully made clothes.

Lately, I've been finding a greater need than ever to express myself personally and creatively. I'm starting to remember who I am and BE who I am.

I believe in me.

I'm brave and powerful and a never-give-upper. My passion and super-power is to help women make friends with themselves - and fashion.

I believe in you.

More than anything I want to CONTINUE to show up in your life, to do my important work. To help you show up in your authentic, powerful and beautiful self. 

Thank you for reading my words, and for allowing me into your heart and onto your screen.

I'd love to hear from you. Comment below. I've missed you.

Here's the question: What's your #1 struggle when it comes to getting your *pretty* back? What does *pretty* mean to you?

Copyright: Helene Oseen 2020 


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