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Is your style ageing or ageless?

fashion your style Apr 25, 2023

Every woman can have a unique style. I found mine with the welcome help of Helene Oseen who *gets* women and their needs and desires. She sees the real you and uses her expertise and, thankfully, her empathy, to advise what style is just right for the person you are.

~Catherine Ford


I love the company of women and in doing so I channel Michelle Obama’s words, which I hope were directed toward women. She said success isn’t about money, but the difference one makes in other people’s lives. 

Inspiration for making a difference came at me obliquely: Catherine and I were sharing a spontaneous lunch of pizza and wine.

When I lunch with a old friend we share secrets, tell each other stories, and give each other advice. We kvetch, laugh and console each other. We talk about life and how to get through any crisis as well as where we bought our latest fashion find - sometimes all in the same sentence.                      

Catherine has been a client and friend for many (many) years. I know her secrets and her wardrobe well. Here's a snippet of some recent girl-talk between us:  

SHE: You know, I only wore my fur coat once this winter. 

ME: I'm surprised you still wear it. 

SHE: Why wouldn't I? 

ME: One reason is that it makes you look old. 

SHE: I am old. (With a heavy emphasis on “am.”) 

ME: True. I chose the wrong word. It makes you look dated, unless of course you are intentionally going for a vintage vibe. (Okay, I said this in jest). 

Catherine is now wearing a look of horror on her face. I clarified there's nothing wrong with being old; old is always appropriate. I'm old, too. However, dressing old-school isn't. Style doesn't age - it evolves. Our lives often evolve, and our wardrobes don’t. 

I know that being a confident, well-dressed woman over 50 is not a one-size-fits-all adventure. That's why I'm introducing a series of posts: 

10 Ways to go from dated *Ageing* to *Ageless* Style 

These are quick fixes to defy aging stereotypes that scream stuck in a time warp and invisible old lady. I promise you will become more clothes confident. 

I hope you'll enjoy reading these posts as much as I'll enjoy writing them for you.

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