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love your life Apr 27, 2022

I went bathing suit shopping a few days ago. Ugh. After some uncomfortable encounters with the mirror, I bought a one-piece black Speedo. That tells you everything, right? You guessed correctly. I don't have a *summer body*. 

After we get through April showers that bring May flowers - or snow flurries that keep us wondering why we live here and if we will ever experience warm weather again, I remain an optimist. We've booked a cruise vacation starting in Quebec City and ending in New York City in exactly 100 days. (I'm not counting.) The experience triggered some uncomfortable body image issues for me. I reminded myself I'm always one decision from choosing body confidence, even if I'm carrying weight I don't love. 

Did you know that during the Dove Campaign a number of years ago when women were asked "Do you like your body?" that 2 out of 100 answered yes. In Canada only 1 in 100 answered in the positive. 

It's true, anti-fatness runs rampant through society today. The responsibility has been placed on the media and advertisers to stop fat-shaming and promote body positivity. The reality is, as women we are often our worst critics making us an integral part of the fat-phobia problem. In other words, until we are accepting of what we (individually) and other women (collectively) look like nothing will change. 

With the lost summers of 2020 and 2021, this year more than ever we can decide to make the summer about being imperfectly perfect. It's time to say good-bye to perfectionism and embrace the spirit of self-acceptance.

In case you need to hear this today: You can live in the moment at at any size or shape if you focus on what your body can do. Don't let those pounds weigh you down.


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