Broccoli Hair

fashion your style May 28, 2021

My daughter called it my *broccoli* hair. Ouch.

Sadly, she was not wrong.

A recent graduate of Fashion Academy in the late 80's (yes, I've been around for many, many years) I knew my new 'do was the epitome of chic. My hair was permed and piled high on top of my head. To make matters worse my stylist shaped the hair around my ears which made my neck the *stem*. Lovely.

Looking back it was probably the worst hair I've ever had. But, then I remembered those years in the late 70's when we called another trend *framed* which basically meant I had a skunk stripe of blonde around the perimeter of my face.

I remember leaving the salon thinking I was having a good hair day. (Really Helene, what were you thinking?!)

It's interesting when we look at old photographs at how much we've changed. Yet, despite all the hairdos, outfits, looks and sizes over the years we are in essence the same women deep down in our hearts and souls.

Or are we?

Life circumstances change. It's natural that we evolve, especially during challenging, transitional times. Our look needs to keep up with our life and yet sometimes our style is the last to know.

None of us are the same women we were a year + ago. It's not a secret that there's a lot we can't control. 

We can choose to claim our *pretty*.

I'll be launching a 5 day mini-program *Get The Pretty Back** (totally free, all online) in September. It's for women who want to reclaim their *je nais sais quoi* after months of murky milestones and delayed dreams. 

Get ready for good hair days ahead.


Copyright: Helene Oseen 2021 


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