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Do You Play Dress Up?

fashion your style Nov 01, 2022

I think that playing dress-up begins at five and never truly ends.

- Kate Spade

Did you dress up for Halloween? Or does it you feel weird to you to dress up and pretend to be someone else?

Studies have shown that people who have fun dressing up in costume feel a sense of escapism from everyday life - if only for a few hours. There's the illusion of no consequences and it reminds them of being a kid again.

The opposite is true in now that we are adulting. Try this: Stand in front of the mirror ask yourself "Does this look like me?" If it does, you'll wear that outfit often. If not, that garment will gather dust at the back of your closet because you'll find it emotionally exhausting to wear. Sometimes several looks might reinforce your sense of self, depending on your mood. Consider the style that is most like you most of the time right now.

Do your clothes tell the story of who you are? Who are you? What do you want people to believe about you when they see you?

Identify three words that resonate.  Do you dress that way? Look at yourself right now. Are you being YOU or are you playing dress-up.

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