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fashion your style Apr 12, 2022

Feeling confident in the skin we are in is difficult for many of us. I struggle with it too. That's why I drop into your inbox weekly with inspiration and strategies created with YOU in mind, Julie. I love to see women win together. If I can make you feel less alone, then I'll consider my job as an encourager done.

My job as a style therapist is to make women feel, own and celebrate their uniqueness and enough-ness. 

It's not a secret that many women don't like being in photographs and avoid mirrors whenever possible because they don't like how they look.  I get it, I really do.

Most of us haven't felt tall enough, thin enough, young enough or enough-enough at some point in our lives (maybe most of our lives). Society has made the body ideal so removed from reality its no wonder our self-esteem is sagging. And self-esteem work (which is a lot harder than buying a new lipstick or a new outfit) can change how we feel about how we look and  that creates a ripple effect in other areas of our life.

The answer is never in a shopping bag. 

I can tell you that a *makeover* gives you a lift in the short term, but it's only a surface level solution. That's why my STYLE YOUR LIFE program takes a multi-faceted approach to getting dressed from the inside-out. I can't wait to extend a special invitation to join me inside my dressing room - soon.

I write STYLE THERAPY in the pages of the Calgary Herald and other newspapers across the country. It's a monthly column to offer advice on how to develop a signature style.

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