Do You Think You Are Beautiful?

fashion your style Oct 22, 2019


I think beauty comes from actually knowing who you are. That's real beauty to me.
~Ellen DeGeneres


I'm going to ask you one simple question.

Do you think you are beautiful?

Before you answer take a deep breath and give yourself a *permission slip* to be okay with being the real deal. 

You don't need to look perfect or live perfect to be beautiful.

We're all messy, imperfect and doing our best. We all worry that we don't have better-looking bodies. We all have lavish ideas in our head of how we think life should be. 

We feel inadequate because we think we are too much, too old, too loud, too big, too shy, too anything.

Let go of your *perfect self* fantasy.

Your beauty is unique.

When the world tries to shame you or tells you that you are not enough it's easy to get caught in a downward spiral of sagging self-esteem instead of celebrating the most liberating time in your life.

When you believe at the core of your being that YOU are beautiful and worthy you will begin to attract more beauty and abundance into your life.

Self-distance yourself from the worry that you are falling short. Show yourself some compassion. You will never be as good as you think you should be but you can start growing your confidence from where and who you are now as you  build on your strengths.

Visualize yourself standing tall, feeling strong, stylish and confident. How does that make you feel? Express your inner beauty by reflecting it in the way you dress and treat yourself.

I believe beauty is a way of being. 

It lives in all of us but the problem is we just don't see it. Find the beauty in your life and in yourself.

Tell yourself you are beautiful today, and every day. Say it out loud.

Because you are.


Copyright: 2019 Helene Oseen









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