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Don't Forget Your Shopping List

fashion your style Nov 25, 2022

If shopping doesn't make you happy, you're in the wrong shop.

~Mimosa Rose 


The Black Friday sales have already started. You've probably been cyber-stalking the sale advertisements but consider this before you hit the stores to find those stylish little pick-me-ups.

Just because it's a good deal, doesn't mean you'll wear it. Any item hanging in your closet that falls into that category is expensive no matter how deeply discounted it was. The purpose of buying clothes is to fill a gap in your wardrobe.

Whether you are on a tight budget or have money to burn, remember you are a closet curator. If you find yourself roaming the aisles to see if you can find deals on things you don't actually need - but - it might be a price that's too hard to resist, you are a caught-up-consumer. Stop thinking with your sale brain (that's the one you use when you lose all reason about why you should not buy an item mostly because the store is giving it away is just wrong).

Just how many pair of black pants do you really need}? 

Why are you shopping? Are you hungry for something new? Bored? Do you want to feel better about yourself? The right clothes will do exactly that. Searching for something new is often the start of internal reinvention too. For many, stores are the promised land of possibility.

If you find *heck yes* items and do end up buying those magic unicorn pieces -those truly special additions to your wardrobe at a great price, OMG enjoy the tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment along with the bragging rights on your shopping savvy. And when someone tells you how much they like what you are wearing, go ahead, caress the fabric, stand tall, smile and in a proud manner herald - 60% off.

Ultimately, you need to ask yourself: How much will more clothes add to my happiness if my closet is already heaving, and I have little to wear that makes me happy.

Copyright: Helene Oseen 2022