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Fashion 911 is BACK

fashion your style Apr 19, 2022

Want expert fashion insights and advice? Now's your chance to get it. 

That's right: Fashion 911 is BACK.

But wait - please excuse me if you're new and are thinking, *Fashion 911 WHAT?*

Longtime Calgary Herald readers may remember my weekly Q&A columns. During those year I wrote my first book, Fashion 911: Your Runway to Reality. I also did weekly Fashion 911 segments for the Saturday Morning Breakfast Show on Global Television.

Fashion 911 is now back inside our Facebook Group.

Fashion 911 answers real questions from real women. If you have a fashion conundrum ask me what you're wondering about.

There's no such thing as a silly question. Any fashion question is on the table. But remember to keep them short and sweet. I want to be able to get to as many as I can. I'll answer questions that will benefit the group at large. If you have *that* question chances are another member of our group does too and everyone benefits.

Style Your Life Society is where we can connect with each other and share our thoughts on life as a woman. It's where I'll be going  LIVE from time-to-time with free challenges, boot camps, Fashion 911 Q&A  and other trainings to help you get your mid-life fashion groove on (or back) again. JOIN US.

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