love your life Apr 27, 2020

I'm more than a wee-bit-weary of all the COVID-19 transformational nonsense that *on-line motivational gurus* are preaching to have me accomplish unreasonably uber-ambitious goals, so I can carpe diem this quarantine time.

(Maybe you, too?)

Some mornings I wake up a little-worn out already. There is no magic bullet to *living my best life* right now. For the sake of my sanity it's absolutely the wrong time for me to overload my muddled mind with more.

I'm juggling.

I'm struggling.

I'm doing okay, especially given that I have gray roots (so far, I've resisted a goofy home haircut) and I'll admit I live too much of my life in pajamas.

We all know it's not life as usual. I just want to get to the other side in one piece. I'm going to stop beating myself up and grant permission to check-in with myself to decide what success looks like (one day at a time).

I'll ask myself: what do I need right now?

Nobody knows what's going on, what's happening or what we should do about it.

One thing we do know for certain about this pandemic, is that we know almost nothing for certain about this pandemic.

We are all flummoxed.

We can assume nothing. The virus, the economic downturn isn't going to get resolved any time soon. And if things turn out okay sooner than we think - YAY!

The only thing that seems clear and true to me is I an choose to survive these hard times, my way. I know everyone has different mental, physical and emotional needs at the moment.

Just sayin' I can't control any of what's going on around me, but I can choose small, intentional habits to practice daily that will help me stay healthy and sane. I'll focus on being more self-compassionate, cut myself some slack and put in place some self-care routines I can keep. Hopefully.

That's what I'm doing this week. 


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