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Girl Code

love your life Jan 18, 2023

There is a secret language only women know. It provides us with the power to connect with each other in a way men don't understand. 

We all do it. When we are together we speak to each other in girl talk. We share secrets, tell each other stories, and give each other advice. We kvetch, we laugh and we console each other.

In conversation you might mention that her new blue sweater really brings out of the colour of her eyes. She might show you a photo of a hairstyle and ask you if you like it and think it would look good on her. Together you'll try to figure out your look and your life. Sometimes all in the same sentence.

Let's face it, we all like our clothes, shoes and shopping. I'm not saying that we live our life as a fashion statement, but then again, we connect immediately when we gush about what someone buys, wears, and chooses to look like. It's a subtle way of saying I see you, I like you and I'm glad we're friends. 

It takes a little more observation and effort to give a compliment that's not appearance based. By doing that she'll know all the inner stuff she's been working on (like learning to keeping her calm when she just wants to have a meltdown or standing up for herself instead of people-pleasing) in all that trying to become the best version of herself isn't in vain. And wanting to look good isn't vain. 

Seeing her in all her wholeness will make her feel good and it makes you feel good to make her feel good.

In case no one has told you today, you're flawsome and your shoes are cute. I'm proud of you for choosing to take the baby steps that move you closer to the life you want and deserve, despite your perceived flaws and doubts.

Copyright 2023: Helene Oseen