Hello Spring

fashion your style Apr 04, 2021

April is arriving in style. I think you'll agree that no matter what the temperature, Easter signals the *official* start to spring.

There's still a chill in the air here in Canada. It won't be time to break out my dresses and sandals for a few months yet, however my winter wear is slowly starting to make it's seasonal pilgrimage back to the other closet.

Sadly, we'll be spending another Easter in lockdown without our family and friends. It's been a dark year.

I do have tulips on my table to elevate my mood. I've socially-distanced-delivered some blossoms to my family. I'm (almost) optimistic we're getting closer to getting this pandemic under control. I got my first jab just the other day.

Nothing says *spring* like pastel-on-pastel. That's what I'll be wearing (in a casual and comfortable outfit) on Easter Sunday. Colours are becoming increasingly more important to me these day as I want to wear colours that make me feel pretty enough to feel cheery.

Small steps.

After that, this color-adverse woman is choosing to brighten up the days ahead.

The forecast is for sunny and smiley days ahead. Let's dress to match the season.

Copyright 2021: Helene Oseen



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