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How to give your denim a trend forward touch

fashion your style Mar 22, 2023

For many, jeans lay the groundwork for a lot of outfits. We wear our beloved pair always and everywhere. For a good reason: they can be styled super basic and casual or rather elegant and upscale. Plus, they're incredibly comfortable and durable, so what's not to love about them. There are so many styles and cuts to choose from you can always find something that fits your body type perfectly.

Jeans are a timeless staple and if you invest around staples everything else will fall into place. This spring season it's all about blue denim-on-denim looks and we are seeing denim handbags, shoes and denim outerwear and denim anything and everything. You don't even have to match your blues. Anything goes. There are no style rules.

As a woman who calls Alberta (the heart of Cowboy country) home I find it rather ironic that the Paris Runway is showing the Canadian Tuxedo in 2023 as *it* wear.

If you want to make your basic jeans look very 2023 style them the way the fashion crowd is doing it ; with au courant colours in the forms of tops, handbags, shoes, hair accessories and even eyewear.  

VIBRANT REDS really pop especially chili-red pepper. Forget that old adage *Don't spend the rent on red shoes*. Red is such a classic colour I don't see it going out of style anytime soon. If you need another expert opinion, Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz established that a new pair of shoes can change lives magically. (You don't need ruby high heels, a great pair of sneakers or flats will do nicely.)

METALLICS are having a major moment this Spring - silver in particular. While they may look harsh near the face the shiny, glistening hue looks great in handbags, shoes and belts.

PINK: While we're seeing a lot of strong Fuchsia and Magenta it's the softer hues that give your jeans the *pretty*. Pale pink is a personal favourite of mine and will compliment your blue denim perfectly. It's a great choice for tops, jackets, coats or absolutely anything.

BLACK: I know. I know. It's always in style. Black-o-holics will delight in making a bold statement through their favourite understated and forever chic hue. It pairs beautifully with blue jeans (and anything really).

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