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design your life Feb 26, 2021

Recently, I told you I'm leaning into writing more because I want to become a better version of who I already am. In that post I shared my message that your dreams don't have deadlines and that no dream is too big or too small.

I heard from many of you. You told me it was timely and prompted some serious reflection on your part. 

My approach to helping women make friends with themselves and fashion is to write a new narrative about learning to accept and embrace who we are who and we are becoming with substance and style.

That's why I write.

Shortly after setting my intention, as if by magic, a new writing opportunity presented itself to me. I'm excited to introduce you to Secrets of a Style Therapist. It's monthly column that will appear in the Calgary Herald the second Saturday of every month.

For those of you that don't know, I wrote a weekly Q&A column for the Calgary Herald called Fashion 911 for a lot of years, a long time ago. A curated compilation of columns became my first book, Fashion 911 - Your Runway to Reality (now out of print).

I loved everything about that experience. Real questions from real women.

It's astonishing that we don't get taught anything about personal style in school. (We learned about parallelograms instead of how to get dressed.)

What the what?

I can give you answers.

Fashion 911 Q&A is back on the blog. Have a style dilemma or query? Send me your fashion-related questions. Want to know something about me? Ask me (almost) anything. 



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