Life Questions

design your life May 16, 2020

A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer
It sings because it has a song.

~Maya Angelou 

If you've read Wear Your Life Well you know I have some opinions about being authentic and knowing that you are enough. You know that I beleive we have the power to design our life and love our life.

Especially right now, but really always, I ask myself questions that only I have the answers to.

For some things the answers are easy.

Should I get dressed or stay in my pajamas?  The answer is YES put on real clothes.

But what happens when the questions get harder and there is no way of knowing the right answer? Maybe there is no ONE right answer.

What's for dinner tonight? No idea yet, but cooking something healthy is probably a better choice than a Skip the Dishes delivery.

Should I make a major pivot in my life right now? No right answer.

What will happen in the future? Don't check the internet.

The perfectionist (designer label for fear) in me thinks I should know. I think. I over-think. I imagine scenarios for something  that hasn't happened and may never happen.

That never works.

There's only one question I have a definitive answer to.

Who do you want to be when this is over?

I want to be more of ME - only better.



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