Living with Uncertainty

love your life Apr 08, 2020

What day is it? What week is it?

It's been a while since I've written to you. I don't even know what to say in these tumultuous times. 

I want to reach out to you as one woman to another, to encourage you to keep going. We're all dealing with so many things that are out of our control - I get it.

I'm bored. I'm terrified.

I bet you are too.

The hardest things this past month has been not seeing my 88-year-old mother. She's in a retirement residence that's in total lock-down with the residents quarantined to their rooms. There are confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the building.

I talk to her every day, sometimes several times a day. Yet, that doesn't seem enough. A couple of days ago I stood on the sidewalk underneath her 3rd floor balcony so we could wave at each other.

When I left, I cried.

She cried too.

I'm struggling to write emails and work on my business because all I really want to do is pull back, crawl under the covers and wear schlumpy clothes. (It's hard to get excited about what to wear when it's time to take out the trash).

Deep down inside, I know that even in the midst of so many unknowns, it's more important than ever to get up, dress up and show up for myself.

So that's what I'm going to do.

I hope you will too.

In this time of uncertainty, one thing is sure: We need to stay connected while keeping apart.

Stay safe.


 Copyright: Helene Oseen 2020


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