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design your life Sep 12, 2021

Whatever you've been putting off, I'm here to tell you, today is the day to start - even if that means taking the smallest teensy-insiest step forward.


It shouldn't come as a surprise: We've all been stressed out for a long time with this never-ending pandemic for the past year and a half. Layer on top of that everything that's going on in the world at large, it's no wonder we're struggling with our mental health.

When I went into my summer break this year my mind was in a befuddled state. I found myself utterly confused and deeply perplexed. In other words, just when I thought I knew what was going on in my life and what the future might look like, suddenly I didn't. Bam. Everything changed. 

In June I realized I'd let my looks, my life and my dreams take a backseat. I knew it was time for me to pace myself and breathe as I thought about what's next. It was important for me to take stock of what I'm doing (or not) and why. I needed time to relax, reflect and renew.

Every day I told myself my dreams matter, I'm not too old and that I am enough. I know when it comes to becoming my best self, it's not always easy but the effort is worth it. Yet in this weird time of inertia the virus got into my head and the horrors of humanity happening around the world stole my spirit. I stopped believing in what could be and who I could become.

My go-to coping skills have always been to create, write and  just do something.  Anything. It helps clear my mind. I've spent the summer in makeover mode - my garden, my home and my mindset.

My mature garden has been rejuvenated and is gorgeous once again. We are in the midst of a major renovation in our home and its exciting to see the room-by-room updates.

My groove is (mostly) back. I love my work as a virtual stylist for women. My life work goes deeper than style as I connect with the hearts of women to give them a much-needed boost and let them know they are not alone. My writing is an extension of me. I aspire to use my voice as an *encourager* helping women become more of who they are.

I'm in a good space now. My heart is full. I've always felt loved by my family and friends. What's different now is I'm showing myself a lot more compassion than I ever have as a result of the internal work I've been doing.

My mind is clear. I'm excited. I know what I need to do. Celebrating my birthday in August was sobering. I've known for some time now that my time ahead is way shorter than the time behind me. This year I found that fact more difficult to ignore. It's time.

I see you. I hope you do what you need to do, to dream again. To foster hope and believe in yourself as we go through this slice-of-life stuff together. 

I've missed you.


Copyright 2021: Helene Oseen




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