Material Girl

design your life Mar 22, 2021

I'd like to know.

What do you have in your life today that you know without question is right for you?

I found my career groove by the time I was ten years old. Mom and I would spend time together at Fanny's Fabrics most Saturday afternoons, pouring over pattern books and assessing the potential of various bolts of fabric. My mother was a seamstress, trained in Europe, and she taught me the difference between cheap and well-made clothing. Even though I attended Fashion Academy for my formal education she remains a strong influence.

You see, I always knew I was a *material girl*. I'm talking about fabric, textiles and textures and how the combination of them would become not only a creative outlet for me but also my life's work.

Life got in the way for a while and took me in a different direction. I felt lost.  In the process of letting go of who I thought I *should be* and the job I *should do* I found myself again.

I was drawn back to what I already knew about myself. Playing dress-up with women makes me happy. It makes them happy too. I've been helping women put more smile in their style for a long (long) time.

Letting go comes in many shapes and sizes.

Maybe there are things in your world that need to be changed. Do you need to let go of mental and physical clutter? Maybe it's about walking away from old patterns and beliefs that don't serve you anymore.

Do you have closet chaos?

Dressing has always been as much for the mind as it is for the body. We use fashion as an expression of our inner feelings. Could the answers to your wonderment be found in the clothes that hang side-by-side in your closet? Is it time for a fresh start?

It's not about what's in or what was. It's about doing you, right now. 

Wear your life well.

Copyright 2021: Helene Oseen



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