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I'm packing for Paris

love your life May 17, 2023

Next week my husband and I will be checking into Hotel Stendhal Place Vendome in the heart of Paris, a city filled with iconic landmarks, beautiful architecture, world-class art galleries and museums, delicious food and a vibrant culture. It's a bucket-list vacation for us.

Now here's the crazy part.

I worked as a fashion buyer for many years, yet I've never been to Paris. My work was in the North American market and my many work trips took me to New York. 

To say I'm excited to see - first hand - the French woman aesthetic is an understatement. The style is known for being effortless, elegant and chic, which makes it an iconic look. From their understated makeup looks to their classic wardrobe staples, the French woman look is a celebrated style I've always admired.

I`m over the moon but Scottie brought me back down to earth when he reminded me we are staying within walking distance of major attractions like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum. Likely the most prominent street style I'll see is the*Tourist*. (But I won`t forget there are fashion houses and shops to savour - as well as cheese, croissants and wine.) 

I can't wait to share my adventures and insights with you.

Did I mention my most favourite movie last year was*Mrs. Harris goes to Paris*. Its on Netflix. Watch it. You`ll love it.


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