The Secret Language of Girls

love your life Sep 11, 2019

Yesterday I witnessed a visceral connection among women that touched me in a profound way. 

I want to share it with you.

I need to share it with you.

It's important for all of us to understand as we move into this next part of our lives gracefully and confidently.

I've always known that as women we have a secret language between us. It's where clothes and life meet.

That's why we can talk about what's going on with us, and ask where you got those cute shoes you're wearing - sometimes all in the same sentence.

What we are really saying is "I see you, I like you and we can be friends."

At 88 my mother is transitioning into the next phase of her life. I got her some new outfits and that gave her spirits a boost like beauty always does.

But, seeing the afternoon activity at the seniors residence she'll be making her home at gave me goosebumps.

As part of their comittment to make their seniors feel good, every Tuesday afternoon manicure stations are set up in the main area of the facility where the women come down to have their nails filed and polish changed. It's free of charge.

But it's about way more than nail polish.

Watching them interact I realized the weekly ritual has become a metaphor for them. They socialize, share their experiences and collective wisdom with each other. 

Sometimes they just like to feel silly. These lighthearted moments are something they have in common at a time in life when it's easy to become consumed with pain or fear of what's next.

While it might not even be spoken, they know that together they are physically and psychically adjusting to a new time in their lives.

What they are really letting each other know is that it's okay girlfriend we'll get through this together.

That's the power of pretty.


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