Spring 2020 Stress Shopping

fashion your style May 13, 2020

There's nothing about the Spring 2020 fashion scene that's typical. Come to think of it (sigh) so far there's been nothing typical about 2020 at all.

Some clothing stores and malls are slated to reopen their doors tomorrow. Understand that *recreational retail* isn't the goal right now. If you go, go with a purpose, know what it is you want and buy it. Then, get out and go home. Don't pass GO and spend an extra $200. Stress spending as a way to cop with the coronavirus only leads to impulse shopping and that's never, ever a good idea.

Many of us have had our daily dressing routines upended these past few months. Know there will come a time (eventually) when we'll have occasion to make getting dressed mean more than our best jeans.

I can't wait.

We'll also be able to have that long-overdue lunch with a friend and end up at Nordstrom's - just because. For now, the challenge we face is ensuring that physical distancing rules and sanitization protocols are followed so that shopping is a safe experience for all of us.

I too miss social contact. I can't wait until there is some kind of regularity to my routine again. For now, I need to be patient a little while longer.

And you do too.

PS. Wouldn't it be a great takeaway from this forced lockdown if we choose not to consume fashion at the frantic pace of the past. My hope for you is that you'll *dress with less* and enjoy fashion because it's fun. It doesn't matter what you look like, whatever age you are or whatever size you wear. (I've been singing that song for years.)



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