Spring Smile

design your life Mar 16, 2021

This week we celebrate Spring Equinox. In my neck of the woods it will still be a while before the trees and tulips blossom. However, the days are getting longer, the weather warmer and that makes me happy.

When we went into quarantine last March so many of us hit the pause button on our dreams and getting dressed. Since we've been stuck at home for so long we're ready to tuck away our over-loved pajamas and questionable *comfy* clothes and move up to the next level of life and getting dressed again.

I've started to transition my wardrobe. My boots have been polished and put away. My warm-weather shoes are now on the rack where I have easy access to them.

As I revisit my old friends hanging in my closet (who are tired of hanging out at home too) I'm deciding how I want to dress this Spring.

I want to feel *pretty* again. To me that means strong, stylish and confident. 

I bet you do too.

Get the *Pretty* Back is a free 5-day challenge that will help you jump-start the smile in your style. I'll be offering it in May as we move closer to living life in full bloom again.

It's time to take back your life.

Copyright 2021: Helene Oseen


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