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fashion your style Jan 10, 2021

If I have to be on lockdown, at least this time *outside* isn't calling me because it's -2 and the ground is covered in that snow-slash-sloppy-slash-slush that makes you wonder which shoes you're going to wear if you do leave the house. You don't really need to wear boots but you don't want to ruin your shoes either.

If you're feeling stuck *in-between* right now that's understandable (on so many levels).

And, right now fashion is being driven by the coronavirus, rather than the catwalk. None of us can hope to understand the entire plot for 2021, we're wondering if we should be buying skincare and sweatpants or a purse and some shoes? We all hope that soon life will return to something approaching normal. 

Me, I went on-line and snagged a pair of LBS (little black shoes). I bought some BIRDIES a shoe that bears almost cult-status with the women who wear them. That's because they're a stylish flat that's secretly a slipper. I can wear them around the house and even take them for a walk outside. They're cute, classic and super-comfy which is really important to me these days.

Birdies is a brand born of women and their mission is all about inspiring and lifting women up every step of the way. Now, what's not to like about that?

PS. I've got my eye on a Cheetah pair too.


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