Style Therapy

fashion your style Feb 15, 2021

Style is part of self-care. Especially now as we've entered the long-haul part of the pandemic it's time to put über - effort into getting properly dressed again. I'm not saying we need to be *dressed up* because *well-dressed* works just fine right now.

After all denim which was once considered casual is certainly a step-up from pj's and sweats.

I love how soft sweaters give me warm fuzzies and keep me winter cozy. It's like wearing a hug. I decided to show myself some love and got some snappy new ones. (Quite frankly my schlumpy old ones that I've been wearing on repeat for months now were even starting to gross me out). 

I've always known that letting yourself go has a direct impact on your mental health and recent surveys have shown that when people make even small changes and care about what they wear, their anxiety and stress levels drop more than 70%.

Here's the thing. Dressing has always been a way we show the world who we are - an expression of self. But we're not going out and being around people much right now and that's why so many have fallen into a fashion rut. It's time for some style therapy.

Dressing for success now means just getting dressed. I get it. I really do.

Hopefully we'll all be in a happy head-space soon. It's time to make friends with fashion - and ourselves again.



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