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design your life Feb 19, 2021

Who do you want to be as a woman?

That's the question I've been asking myself every day for the last six months or so months. At first I was in denial that this pandemic would last for such a long time. I didn't think this could be real. Who did? Then I realized I need to respect reality. Crisis does that.

COVID has been hard for all of us. These days staying at home in my thoughts give me the opportunity to contemplate what my life will look like going forward.

Wisdom doesn't come from age. It comes from reflection.

I've realized I need to take better care of myself.

It's easy to think of self-care as zoning out. Picture basking in a bubble bath, a massage, fancy facial or curled up on the couch with your beverage of choice listening to the soft sounds of your play list.

Incorporating even the smallest self-care or relaxation ritual can help reduce stress and anxiety - especially right now.

I love indulgences as much as any other person, but I've realized sometimes the best self-care comes in the moments of my day to day life.

Here's what I know for certain. Often it' the hard stuff, things like taking care of my mind and body, trying new things, building a business, putting myself out there and pushing myself to do hard, scary stuff is what self-respect is all about.

Since the pandemic started, zoning IN on what I really need to do to accomplish my goals feels extra uncomfortable. I have an over-riding goal that is loftier than *arrive alive* when this is over.

I'm building a new *runway* by working hard on  STYLE YOUR LIFE  which opens May 3 - fingers crossed. It's going to feel uncomfortable and there's going to be a lot of uncertainty but the growth within me is what it will take to be successful because frankly I've been working on the *updated* version for too long.

Think about your week. Think about your future self. What one hard thing can you do to double down on yourself and your dreams?

We'll get through this by staying close to ourselves, staying sane and making sure we get up, dress-up, show up and never give up.

Now I'm asking you.

Who do you want to be as a woman?

 Copyright: Helene Oseen 2021


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