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fashion your style Jan 18, 2022

I could be a vegan in sackcloth and flip-flops. But, I find fabulous boots with periwinkle cuffs a far preferable option.

~Victoria Moran

The entire province of Alberta was under an extreme cold snap during this past month. To say the temperatures outside were obscene is an understatement. Hovering around -34 degrees C (for my American friends that's -29F). With wind chill we experienced temperatures of -45 to -50 Celsius. Baby it's cold outside was a bit of an understatement.

(I recall vacationing in the Caribbean a few years ago. A charming Jamaican woman asked me where I'm from. Her response was " Canada! How can you live there? Don't your eyeballs freeze? I told her no, but that sometimes it hurts to breathe. She just shook her head.)

I'm winter weary. I'm COVID weary. I want to believe that Spring is just around the corner and that this pandemic will end. To try and keep myself sane I got thinking about the eye-candy that colour is and the soul-soothing effect it can have on us. Colours can communicate and express ideas and emotions.

Lucky me. One of my favourite colours was recently announced as Pantone Colour of the Year for 2022.

  • PERIWINKLE: A colour between blue and violet-red.
  • SYMBOLIZES: Womanhood. Purity. Love. Friendship. Creativity.
  • EFFECTS: Motivates. Soothes. Inspires. Supports. 
  • POSITIVE: Efficient. Positive. Upbeat. Hopeful. Inquisitive.
  • NEGATIVE: Immature. Iffy. Childish. Unpredictable. 

Why is that relevant?

Very Peri will be colouring everything from hair to fashion and interior design. It means we'll be seeing a lot of that hue in stores soon and I'll be able find a signature piece to add to my wardrobe in a colour I'm crazy about. (Did you know periwinkle is a universal colour and looks good on everyone no matter your skin tone?)

Will you be wearing Very Peri?

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