What Do You Need Right Now?

design your life Apr 05, 2022

Whooosh. Did another week just go by? I know life is busy and inboxes are full so sometimes we don't take the time to take a moment for ourselves. I know I'm guilty of that. Today, I'm asking you to slow down, pause and breathe. Tune into your heart and ask yourself: 

What do you need right now?

That's exactly what I did last week. I gave myself permission to listen to what came up for me, without self-shaming for wanting to indulge myself. I always think I *should* be doing something. While I don't feel like I've accomplished much on my *to-do* list, I did on my *to-be* list. It's been a really wonderful week. Why? 

I decided to have more FUN. 

I'm not really good at that. It's a direction I'm choosing that is more reflective of the woman I am, and becoming. I admire people who work hard and play just as hard. It occurred to me that I'm not enjoying life as much as I should. So to have more fun I'm going to prioritize and plan it until it becomes natural again. 

Obviously, I've always craved fun. After all I married a man who has been making me laugh for 25 years. Scottie's mantra is *there is fun to be done*.

Comedy has been stirring Scottie's spirit and he moved toward it. He just finished his 25th stand-up comedy performance and won a comedy competition including a cash prize. He moves onto to the final competition which sends the winner on an all-expense paid trip to Austin, Texas to perform at a well-known club.

Scottie has inspired me to find fun new adventures  - whatever those look like for me. 

If you feel inspired, tell us inside the Style Your Life Society Facebook Group what your life is asking from you now. What would make your heart happy?

Copyright 2022: Helene Oseen 


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