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fashion your style Sep 18, 2019

What do you want from your clothes?

I've been thinking about what my 8-year-old grandson Coen said when he gave me his back to school clothes wish list.

He said "Grandma, I just want to look cool and I want them to fit and be comfortable."

That was easy.

It doesn't take the skills of a personal shopper. The stores are full of stuff that works when you are young.

It's no so simple for most later-in-life gals. Back in the day when we could still rock something trendy and didn't think about dressing grown-up, fast-fashion was the answer.

It isn't anymore.

Many women tell me they hate shopping because they can't seem to find what they are looking for in stores. The racks are hanging with items they don't want to buy. 

Let's just say what they are looking at often doesn't inspire more smile in their style.

I can teach any woman to wear what works best for her. I can teach her how to shop like a professional. I can't control what the designers are offering. I'd like to see more clothes available that makes it easier for women to get their fashion groove on (or back again).

Here are four of my personal pet peeves when I'm in stores. This is my ultimate wish list for designers and manufacturers to consider.

Dresses and Tops with Sleeves

During the cooler months of the year it doesn't seem to be much of an issue, but during the summer months you'll be hard-pressed to find anything cute with sleeves. Any length will do for those who like to cover their arms.

Stylish Flats and Mid Heel Shoes.

Women love shoes. That's no secret. I already devoted one essay in my book Wear Your Life Well to this topic. Read it HERE.

Stylish Clothes in ALL sizes.

Not all of us still have a waist or the svelte figure we once may have had. Soft tummies are a figure reality whether from pregnancy or just aging. Your personal style should not be limited to "clothes that still fit." Designers please give us stylish clothes in sizes larger than 10.

Quality Fabrics.

Design clothes for us that don't cling to our bulges, or use tissue-thin fabrics that only look good if we layer them. Where are the substantial natural fibres we love - and that love us? Remember breathable fabrics? Enough with the cheap synthetic fabrics that leave us hot under the collar (literally and figuratively).

We are frustrated. We want to feel confident and beautiful in our clothes every day. So please cut through the fashion industry ageism and help us celebrate style at any age.

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