Your Weight is NOT your Worth

love your life Sep 28, 2020

You know what?

Your body is not uniquely weird.

And even if our bodies aren't what they once were - they carry our hearts and souls. 

You are not a size, you are a shape. Sure, you can tone and trim but you can't change your bone structure. Period. (The location of your hip bone determines where you'll carry your weight.)

Seriously, despite that feeling that you don't measure up to the so-called-society-standards never forget that you are beautiful. You don't need thinner thighs, a flatter tummy, better hair or a prettier face. You need a change in perspective.

I spent more years than I care to remember with women of all sizes berate themselves whenever they looked in the mirror. Some thought of themselves as too fat, others too thin.

Sure, I struggle with it too.

Your weight is not your worth. Begin to measure yourself in contentment and laughter rather than inches and pounds.

Loving yourself is about accepting yourself and making the most of the skin you're in. I can teach to how to dress the shape of your body with flattering clothes that will help you feel more confident and stylish than ever before.

Be sure to join my FREE 5-Day Challenge Get The *Pretty* Back. It starts Monday October 5. I'll be sharing my behind-the-scenes secrets on how to put a little more smile in your style.

Style has no size or age. Style has no price tag. Style evolves. Style isn't something you are born with, but it's something anyone can learn.

I can teach you.

Be sure to join my FREE 5-Day Challenge Get The *Pretty* Back. It starts Monday October 5. I'll be sharing my behind-the-scenes secrets on how to put a little more smile in your style.

I'll share my proven strategies I've used with my one-on-one clients for years. It's anything BUT cookie cutter. The one- size-fits-all approach fits no-one. I'll be covering A LOT during this training, just take a peek at all the good stuff I have in store for you.


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