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Style doesn't age, it evolves

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A message from Helene Oseen


Real-life style

It's not about what's in, what's not, and what was. It's about doing you and owning it.

Aging doesn't mean becoming invisible, it means becoming authentic. If you like what you see in the mirror, you'll effortlessly get more of what you want out of life. Why? Because what you wear has the power to change how you feel, think, and behave. What you wear should both remind you - and tell the world who you are on the inside. Isn't that what we all want?

Say hello to your strong, stylish and confident self. This is your moment to claim the best of who you are today and who you choose to become tomorrow. It's time to stop wondering what you're going to wear for the rest of your life and let me help you dress your best life from the inside-out. My Style Your Life program is here to help you overcome your fashion fatigue as you silence your inner *mean girl* and learn a real, proven process to own your self.  You'll see your style in a new light as you become clothes confident and dress in a way that feels completely authentic as you negotiate this next part of your life.

Let's talk results


 A new transformation for me

Flora B.
Anaheim, California

"I needed this course. Although I consider myself an accomplished woman, I came to understand that I was holding myself back and playing small. This class gave me the opportunity to get reacquainted with myself and the courage to say YES to who I am.

I had fun learning about my sense of style and found that even the seemingly small act of cleaning out my closet (6 bags later) started to spill over into other areas of my life. I started to think about what I want and need in my life and what I don't.

I appreciated Helene's easy-going and skilled guidance in creating a safe space that started a new transformation for me. The class is over, but my journey continues."

I see myself in a flattering new light

Jyenny B.
Los Angeles, California

"I see myself in a flattering new light. I can't even describe how much of a treat it was to simply think about ME for a few hours each week instead of homework, partner, pets and family. I looked forward to each session. I discovered that my sense of style was there all along, it just needed to be uncovered. I felt affirmed that there are no hard and fast rules, just guidelines. Helene challenged me to think in new ways. I enjoyed the references for maturing women as I find that to be a challenging time to navigate.

I felt supported by Helene's suggestions and will say whole-heartedly that Helene's masterclass is a can't miss experience of self-discovery and support within a community of wonderful women."

You're smart, savvy & successful

So, why do you feel insecure about your appearance?

Whatamigonnawear? While clawing your way out of a heaving pile of clothes you decide "I have nothing to wear." Somehow almost everything seems just a bit off. 

Time to go shopping and get some new clothes because that will make you feel better. Right?! Mirror, mirror on the wall - you're not feeling fair at all. Instant angst and small seeds of doubt amplified by your sagging self-image drains the joy out of you. Then you decide you don't like your face, your body - not even your hair because - well - everything.

Sound familiar? What would happen if you took yourself off the discount rack? I can help.



Not a fluffy fashion program

I'm handing over my proven step-by-step system that I've used to style my personal clients for over 30 years.


Style Your Life goes far beyond familiar makeover advice, pushing you to ask yourself: Who do I want to be as a woman?

Together we'll explore the dynamic relationship between clothes and the body using principles of style and fashion psychology to empower you to finally make friends with fashion and yourself so you can take the stress and self-doubt out of getting dressed.

And now? I want to invite you behind my dressing room door. Wanna see what's inside?



The 3 pillars of the program

A true makeover is about much more than a new outfit. It's also about switching up the relationship with yourself. You're 3 steps away from transforming your look and your life.

Design your life


A well-thought-out style starts with a question: Do you remember YOU? You know her - the woman clothed in expectations who has lost sight of who she is, and who she is meant to be. I'll help you say YES to yourself. Together we'll transform and expand your life experiences in the pursuit of happiness - and that perfect outfit. Are you ready?

Fashion your style


You don't need to look like a certain type of woman or be a certain age to claim your beauty and power. Inside Style Your Life you'll get something you won't find in stores at any price - clothes confidence. If you're ready to tap into the power of style for the day-to-day moments that are your life, then this program is for you. 

Love your life


When you lean into your life at any size or age and choose to live unapologetically magic happens. Inside Style Your Life you'll claim your beauty, feel your power and celebrate your individuality.

Get ready to re-discover your dreams and restore your passion for life.

A look at the modules inside Style Your Life


Substance & Style

If you've ever felt overwhelmed about what to wear or how to create a look you love - one that loves you back - this is where we start. Fancy terms such as fashion psychology, wearapy, dopamine dressing and enclothed cognition will become clear. I will teach you how to discover the soul of your style. I promise you'll have the confidence to choose and only wear clothes that speak to who you are at your core.

We first discover the definition of true style. My step-by-step foundational personal style concept enables you to shake up your wardrobe habits as you change and evolve. 

Next, my special Style Your Life formula offers a deep dive into a makeover for more than just your wardrobe but also your mindset. Get ready to express your substance and style by standing out beyond what you wear and own who you are by tapping into the power of style.


Beauty & Body


Body image is a common thread we share as women. Let's talk about clothes-body-life-confidence. Specifically, how clothes impact your body image - and vice versa. It's time to widen the definition of beauty and remember we don't have a best-before date. 

In this module, I'll give you my go-to tips to transform your relationship with your body and help you dress your shape while learning to make your realities work for you with a combination of camouflage, coverage and creative, no matter what shape or size you are.

In the end you will see clothes differently. When an outfit doesn't fit and flatter you properly, you'll stop blaming yourself and focus on dressing in a way that makes you feel at ease with your body instead.


Color & Creativity


Planning your wardrobe around your personal color palette will not take the fun out of fashion. Just the opposite. You'll save yourself time, money and frustration.

I'll equip you with my exact personal color analysis process so you can identify your natural color patterns that make you look vibrant, and visible. Plus, we'll explore how you can instantly up your makeup game because you will know your skin's undertones and inherent contrast levels for makeup and hair color.

I'll walk you through how to use color for various psychological effects. Want to be approachable? Make an impact?  Show your personality? You'll understand why you are comfortable with some colors and not with others in both your clothes and your environment.


Closets & Confidence

What good is all this strategy if you can't actually see what's in your closet? It's time to clear the clutter and talk about the end game of your wardrobe. That is how to actually have a feel-good closet with garments hanging in it that you can actually find and can't wait to wear.

After you say good-bye to anything that's not right for you, I'll teach you to work your closet, encourage you to look at your pieces through fresh eyes, and give you a knowledgeable perspective with the professional know-how I have. You'll learn how to pull it together by mixing the old and new in your closet in interesting and creative ways.

By the end, you'll know how to do an expert closet edit to curate a wardrobe that makes you comfortable and confident so you can focus on living your life, and not worry about what you are wearing.


Haute & Happy


It's quite a thrill to be able to put the final pieces of a puzzle together. In this lesson you'll learn more about those finishing touches that make you - YOU - only better.

Hair and makeup are a big deal. Your beauty regime is about so much more than doing your hair and putting on your face. If you haven't updated for a while, you are accidentally making yourself look out-of-date. I'll help you find answers and inspiration to help you discover what's best for you.

I'll also teach you the science behind shopping and how to shop like a stylist so that your shopping trips become easy and efficient. Whether you're looking for a stylish little pick-me-up or a wardrobe staple you'll become a smarter shopper and know how to strategically choose the items you know will work for you whether in-store or on-line.


Women & Wisdom


A true makeover is about much more than a new lipstick or more clothes. It's not about rules, it's about the freedom to break down your barriers to happiness. 

There is a difference between changing yourself and becoming yourself. In this module, you'll write your personal manifesto - a declaration of your core values and beliefs and how you intend to live your life based on the discoveries you've made about yourself during the program.

We'll also talk about the difference between ageless style and aging style, and how to future proof your new sense of style. By the end you'll celebrate your mindset makeover - that looking good, not young as you age powerfully and confidently is the ultimate way to wear your life well.

Here's what you get inside


Annual Access


Style doesn't age, it evolves just like our bodies and lives change.

There's a lot of content in this program and you'll get clarity on how to dress up your life with the substance and style that only you have.

Transformation takes time. That's why I'm making sure you have access to the answers for a full year.




I'll be there for you with private members-only support.

You'll get vibrant chats, challenges, resources and other valuable bonuses inside our L'ATELIER and COUTURE COMMUNITY.

With tailor made advice you'll become a woman of confidence and style no matter what your size, shape or age.


Proven Results


You'll get the EXACT STRATEGIES I've used to help thousands of women transform their look and their life.

I'll walk you through my behind-the-scenes secrets and together we'll uncover the TRUE YOU. With an action plan you will learn how to implement the strategies, tactics and tools to feel more stylish and evolved than ever before.


Sounds great, so how much does it cost?


One Payment



  • Annual access to exclusive STYLE YOUR LIFE digital content which includes all lessons, video tutorials, downloadable worksheets and course updates.
  • Annual access to our private Facebook COUTURE COMMUNITY. Inside this exclusive, interactive group you'll connect with like-minded women, find support and feel good.
  • Annual access to L'ATELIER MEMBERSHIP which includes monthly LIVE Q&A group coaching.

Payment Plan



  • Annual access to exclusive STYLE YOUR LIFE digital content which includes all lessons, video tutorials, downloadable worksheets and course updates.
  • Annual access to our private Facebook COUTURE COMMUNITY. Inside this exclusive, interactive group you'll connect with like-minded women, find support and feel good.
  • Annual access to L'ATELIER MEMBERSHIP which includes monthly LIVE Q&A group coaching.

Ready for some sweet extra treats?

Enroll now to take advantage of these added bonuses


Bonus #1 (Value $497)

Atelier is a French word for a designers workshop or studio. Inside this digital library I carefully curate and stitch together bonus trainings and other goodies exclusively for my students.

Included are twelve monthly LIVE Q&A group coaching sessions. Ask Helene (almost) anything. Events are recorded and posted for you to access anytime if you can't make it LIVE.

30 Minute Coaching Call

Bonus #2 (Value $197)

Ever wished you had your own personal style therapist. You do. You'll get a 30 minute Style Therapy session with yours truly. This is an opportunity have me coach you personally to eliminate any confusion and ultimately, never get stuck about your style again.

Style Your Body Guide

Bonus #3 (Value $97)


This invaluable PDF style guide will help you remember what styles best dress your body. 



Have you ever wished you had a personal style therapist?

Someone who sheds light on your fashion conundrums, gives you advice on how to enhance your natural beauty, helps you claim your enough-ness, and creates a fun space for women to find connection, acceptance and support

You do!  This is where I'm giving you full support to put the program into action. Why would I do this? My goal is to make sure you get total clarity on how to self-style whether you are super-savvy or struggle with the basics. Get the answers to your most pressing questions so you can stay in momentum, feel supported and know you've got what you need to succeed. You'll find me inside our COUTURE COMMUNITY where I'm available to answer your questions and give you guidance and feedback you deserve.

I want to make sure you punctuate your transformation with exclamation marks, not question marks! 

This is me, Helene Oseen

Style Therapist


I've been dressing women of all sizes, shapes, ages and stages for more years than I care to admit - and you're next. I realized years ago that my job was about much more than playing dress-up. It's about helping you find your closet identity and aligning your true self with your dreams.

Having worked on the fashion front-line as a sought-after personal stylist, fashion buyer, fashion and lifestyle writer, newspaper columnist, television contributor, educator and best-selling author, I'm here to help you wear your life well.

You see, I've always been that girl who roots for other girls, tells a stranger her outfit is amazing and encourages other women to believe in themselves and their dreams. More than anything else, I want to share that with you too. I'll help you dress your self, your body and your life. That's where clothes and life meet.


More of what my students are saying


My fears were soon put to rest

Kellie D.
Playa Coronado, Panama

" Fashion has always felt like my nemesis. When I began this class, I was nervous about what I would be asked to do and wondered if I would have to spend a fortune to be stylish.

My fears were soon put to rest. I appreciated this class was not focused on one type of woman. It was evident right from the first class that Helene understood the importance of creating a trusting environment. This class is for any and every woman looking to claim or re-claim her confidence."

A life-changing experience 

Carole R.
Derbyshire, England

" It was like Helene sprinkled magic dust on me. I had no idea how little I used to know and how much I would learn.

Helene provides so much information, all of which got me thinking in ways I'd never done before. I began to see changes in myself, my style and my life very quickly. It's been a tremendous life-changing experience.

Helene you are elegant, warm, witty, generous and unafraid to show a vulnerable side. Thank you for sharing yourself and your wisdom."

A look in the mirror of my life

Shannon S.
Maui, Hawaii

"This class was powerful. I'm at a time in my life journey where I am transitioning into a new stage and I want to be at peace with myself as I let go, reinvent myself and stay relevant.

This has helped me question my fears, examine my goals and intentions while examining the process of aging and the wisdom and acceptance that evolves.

Helene didn't skirt the issues that challenge so many of us. I loved that she skillfully included fashion in ways that were informative and FUN."

Still thinking about it?

Trying out this program is completely risk-free because I offer a 100% guarantee. If for whatever reason, you're feeling like this program isn't a perfect fit for you, within 15 days of registering simply contact me. If I can't help get things moving in the right direction, I'll give you a refund.


Student success stories


Now I'll stop wasting money

Tracey B.
Penticton B.C.

"It was amazing - the way Helene was able to blend style, color, body types and other "outer things" we deal with as women while we are navigating the "inner stuff" around dealing with change, self-awareness, self-love, empowerment and being true to yourself, all in one course.

Journaling was new to me and the prompts made it so easy to start. I love what's coming out of me and now I'm getting a deeper understanding of who I am.

I had never taken an on-line course before and wasn't sure what to expect. I was sorry when it ended."


Anytime, anywhere access is awesome

Tanya H.
Breezy Point, Minnesota

"I got so much out of this class! Having the recorded sessions available anytime that suited me was awesome and I got full value. In addition if I had any questions I was able to reach out to Helene and the group through our private community. I felt completely supported by Helene. 

Helene has a loving and tender approach that I, like so many women as we unrobe from the thoughts and ideas that hold us back from being who we really are. 

She walked us through a process of dressing in a way that allows us to live our lives true to ourselves. She moved me into a place where I am comfortable with myself.

One Payment



  • Annual access to exclusive STYLE YOUR LIFE digital content which includes all lessons, video tutorials, downloadable worksheets and course updates.
  • Annual access to our private Facebook  COUTURE COMMUNITY to connect with like-minded women, find support and feel good.  
  • Annual access to L'ATELIER MEMBERSHIP which includes monthly LIVE Q&A group coaching.

Payment Plan



  • Annual access to exclusive STYLE YOUR LIFE digital content which includes all lessons, video tutorials, downloadable worksheets and course updates.
  • Annual access to our private Facebook COUTURE COMMUNITY to connect with like-minded women, find support and feel good.
  • Annual access to L'ATELIER MEMBERSHIP which includes monthly LIVE Q&A group coaching.

Are you ready?

So, if you were ready yesterday to show up for yourself and be happy in the skin you're in, you can get started on your transformation today.